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patrick wolf @ st george's pt 2

Kirjoitan lisää itse matkasta huomenna, nyt kuvia ja hieman juttua Patrickista. Englanniksi ja julkisena, jotta voin linkittää PW-foorumille.

Some English shit + Patrick pics under the cut.

Do not copy without permission. Both Photobucket and the finnish Kuvablogi managed to screw these up, no matter what I tried, so they are a bit low-quality and overall shitty, but try to enjoy them anyway. Come visit me for bigger & better ones. Also, I unfortunately missed the most photogenic lights due to being in a total musical coma (yes, I'm talking bout the white lights during The Days.)

I'd love to write a few lines on the gig itself, but still don't seem to be able. It was perfect. Too bad I've got this habit of going into some kind of a trance while experiencing amazing gigs and therefore it's impossible for me to even try to remember which songs Patrick played. Teignmouth was the first, The Magic Position with Lightspeed Champion the last. The new material was stunning (even the political song (they're the red cloth for me) didn't make me feel uneasy), and Patrick's cover of The River... well, can't find the words.

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